How to become

How to Become a Driver for UPS

How to Become a Driver for ups


In particular, the rise in online shopping and labor shortage are to blame for the rising demand for UPS delivery drivers. Additionally, the organization provides a lot of prospects and advantages. Most notably, with more than a century of experience in the sector, United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the most prosperous logistical businesses in the US. In that case, job security may not be a concern for you.

What is the work of a UPS driver?

The timely and secure delivery of items is the responsibility of UPS drivers. They spend their days operating a truck on highways, in suburban communities, and on city streets. It’s physically hard work that necessitates meticulous attention to detail and good multitasking.

Drivers with UPS must be able to listen to instructions, keep to schedules, and use their time efficiently. Additionally, they must be able to operate a truck safely while negotiating traffic and keeping an eye out for other cars and pedestrians.

Applying for a Job as a UPS Driver

Even though it’s difficult, it is feasible for an outsider to be hired as a full-time package delivery driver. Usually, UPS only employs drivers from within. Visit UPS’s official careers page to search for openings in your area if you are not already employed there.

Enter the term “Package Delivery Driver” first, then your city, state, and the “radius” (or distance) in miles you would contemplate driving to and from work each day.

If a position is open, click it to view the job description. When you are prepared to apply, click the “Apply Now” button to be sent to a page where you may register for a free account and start your application.

How much time does it take to train to be a UPS driver?

You’ll need patience if you want to become a permanent UPS driver because the process takes time.

If you are hired as a UPS delivery driver, you must work at least 40 hours per week as an entry-level employee for the first two to three years of your employment. That said, it will take you four years to become a permanent UPS delivery driver.

However, if you have prior experience working as a delivery driver for a different business, you might be eligible to start working as a UPS package delivery driver right away. But you’ll need to have at least four years’ worth of experience working as a delivery driver for a living.

There can be a tonne of openings for drivers in some places, or you might be in a place where you’ll have to wait a lot longer than in another place for openings. The results of the draw are truly random.

Even if it’s simply a seasonal employment, you might have to work for several months or even a full year before you get an opportunity to become a delivery driver if you have your sights set on a driver position and are now employed at another UPS warehouse position.

About CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)

You don’t need to bother about getting a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) if you want to work with UPS as a package delivery driver.

Only if you want to operate a freight truck or a tractor-trailer do you need a CDL.

Obtaining a CDL is difficult and time-consuming since you must finish:

  • a medical test, and you succeed
  • a recognised training programme
  • Test of CDL knowledge

Having a CDL demonstrates that you are safe to drive and that you have the skills necessary to operate large vehicles. You can work as a UPS truck driver if you have a CDL. However, you’ll need a legal driver’s license if all you want to do is deliver packages.

UPS driver certain criteria requirements

You must fulfill the following criteria to be a UPS package delivery driver:

  • Diploma from high school.
  • A valid driving permit.
  • At least 21 years old.
  • Ability to operate a manual changeover is required.
  • No DUI or DWI in the previous three years.
  • No license suspensions over the previous three years.

Additionally, skill sets

  • Excellent comprehension of both oral and written language
  • British English
  • The capacity to function in any weather
  • Strong physical endurance
  • The capacity for rapid and effective work
  • Ability to lift 70 lbs. is required
  • Possess good appearance and problem-solving skills.
  • Have a positive attitude

The Department of Transportation will conduct a physical examination on you. If you have tattoos, they should also be simple to cover up. UPS selects friendly individuals with a strong work ethic as delivery drivers.

Benefits of becoming a UPS delivery driver

Most prospective delivery drivers may concentrate on their potential earnings, but you should consider more than just your potential earnings. UPS gives drivers a variety of additional advantages, some of which are listed below, in addition to the fact that you’ll be working for one of the top Fortune 500 corporations in the US.

Medical Insurance

If you have to pay for health insurance yourself, it may be pricey. UPS provides outstanding health insurance for its delivery personnel. These advantages could include:

  • Hospitalization and medical attention
  • Mental health
  • Prescription medicines and pharmacies
  • Tooth care
  • Eye care
  • Care for hearing

Retirement Program

After leaving the workplace, you want to work for a business that values your wellbeing. Benefits offered to UPS delivery drivers include a retirement plan.

Depending on your years of service, you can contribute between 3% and 8% of your qualified earnings to the UPS 401k savings plan. Your accounts receive your annual retirement contributions.

Welfare and Health

After one year of employment, part-time UPS van drivers are eligible for 100% compensated class C health insurance for their complete family. Your spouse can be included in your full-time employee coverage as long as they are not entitled to health insurance through their work.

For workers who don’t want to become burned out, paid vacation is crucial. You’ll spend a lot of time on the road delivering items as a UPS van driver, so you’ll occasionally need a break. Thankfully, UPS provides you with paid vacation days. You are entitled to at least two weeks of paid vacation time as well as additional time off for family obligations.


You can receive discounts on deliveries as a reward for working as a UPS delivery driver. The UPS standard list rates in force upon shipping will be covered by this incentive. Discounts are only applicable to your account; family members or friends cannot benefit from this offer.

Health Insurance

You will receive life insurance as a UPS package delivery driver so that you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your passing. Independent USP delivery personnel, however, are not qualified for life insurance.

Workplace for UPS drivers

Typically, UPS drivers put in a lot of overtime, rising early and staying up late. Depending on the route they are given, they could work on the weekends and on holidays, and the length of their workdays can change. In peak times, drivers may work up to 14 hours a day, but the normal workday is 10 to 12 hours. They could also need to put in regular overtime hours. Since drivers often have to drive in bad weather and lift and carry heavy deliveries, the job can be physically taxing.

Job requirements for a UPS driver

The following credentials are commonly required of UPS drivers:


The majority of firms demand that their drivers possess a GED or high school graduation. A year’s worth of experience working in a warehouse or delivery environment may be a minimal requirement for some employers’ drivers.

Training & Experience

Before starting their own jobs, new drivers are typically required to complete a training programme by their employers. These courses educate drivers how to operate a delivery truck safely and effectively, and they normally span between one and three weeks. The right way to load and unload packages is also taught to drivers, along with how to traverse the routes they will be taking.

Credentials & Permits

You need to pass a number of examinations to obtain a commercial driver’s licence in order to work as a UPS driver (CDL). The kind of vehicle you will be using for employment will determine the type of CDL you require.

UPS Tasks
  • delivering packages to places of business, residences, or other destinations as instructed by the dispatcher
  • keeping a professional manner and appearance while interacting with clients and coworkers at all times
  • communicating with dispatchers about the delivery status of packages, and, if necessary, informing clients of the status of their deliveries
  • loading and unloading products from trucks and vans used for delivery
  • checking tyre pressure and oil levels as part of routine vehicle maintenance
  • reviewing next deliveries’ delivery timetables and making necessary adjustments
  • obeying all traffic laws when operating company cars
  • Notifying the dispatcher of all occurrences involving business vehicles, including accidents
Pay for UPS drivers

The hourly wage for a UPS delivery driver is $22.22, which is 45% more than the national average. However, your state of residence in the US, level of expertise, and amount of hours worked will all play a role in this.

Compared to seasoned UPS truck drivers, beginning USP package delivery drivers can make $15 per hour.

New York, Denver, and Chicago residents might earn more money than UPS drivers in other states. To find out which areas and driving roles pay more, just visit the UPS website.

Advancement Opportunities

By becoming UPS package car drivers, UPS drivers can develop in their careers. Delivering UPS shipments to residences and businesses is the responsibility of UPS package car drivers. UPS drivers need to have a spotless driving record and pass a UPS package car driving exam in order to drive for UPS. Being a UPS freight driver is another way for drivers to develop in their professions. Delivering UPS packages to UPS freight facilities is the responsibility of UPS freight drivers. UPS drivers need to have a spotless driving record and pass a UPS freight driving exam in order to become UPS freight drivers.

Important Factors
  • Many employment as package delivery drivers begin as full-time seasonal roles that last anywhere from two to three months, or as long as required for your specific location. Whatever the case, these positions are thought of as temporary and, with great work performance and a little bit of luck, can result in a full-time permanent post.
  • Consider applying for the highly sought-after “Package Handler” post if there are no openings or if you are unsuccessful in getting selected for a driver position. These jobs require a lot of physical exertion and have similar qualifications to those of a driver. You might be able to get your foot in the door to becoming at least a seasonal delivery driver till you’re hired as a full-time driver if you can impress your management team with the caliber of your job and your dependability.
  • You will stand out from the competition in the interview for this job if you can demonstrate that you have an approachable, pleasant, friendly, and professional demeanor that will increase their business. Keep in mind that this company is looking for individuals who can expand its chances and increase its success.


How long does it take to hire a UPS driver?

Depending on how quickly the background checks finish, it usually takes 1-2 weeks. After a few days, the owner contacted and employed me the following week. Following my application, I got a call a week later.

What is the duration of UPS orientation?

At UPS, orientation typically lasts five to eight hours and is led by a human resources representative in a classroom environment with other recent hires present. To demonstrate proper lifting techniques and other operations, instructional movies will be played.

What should I bring on my first day of work at UPS?

What paperwork must I bring with me? On your first day, remember to bring a current, non-expired government-issued photo ID. Take a look at the list of approved documents and BRING ORIGINALS—copies will not be accepted.

How should I dress for UPS?

UPS package handlers and drivers are required to dress neatly and professionally, avoiding any distracting or objectionable attire. Additionally, UPS staff should avoid donning baggy clothing or anything that can tangle with equipment.

How should I dress for UPS?

UPS package handlers and drivers are required to dress neatly and professionally, avoiding any distracting or objectionable attire. Additionally, UPS staff should avoid donning baggy clothing or anything that can tangle with equipment.

What perks does UPS offer?

Regardless of a person’s position or personal situation, UPS offers one of the best benefit packages in the business. Both our full-time and part-time union employees have access to healthcare with no premium costs, pension benefits, financial aid for college, paid time off for holidays and option days, and paid vacations.