How to become

How to Become an Amazon Reviewer

How to Become an Amazon Reviewer


One of the most well-known internet retailers, Amazon, offers virtually every product or service you could possibly desire. You might already be one of the millions of customers who have used to make purchases. What a fantastic experience it would be to receive free delivery of things from Amazon. Great, isn’t that right? This might actually happen to you if you decide to write reviews for Amazon!

We can assist you in getting started if you want to participate in Amazon Vine’s reviewing programme and start reviewing Amazon items. We’ll explain how to write reviews for Amazon and offer you some insightful advice. Let’s start by defining the Amazon Vine initiative in more detail.

What is an Amazon reviewer?

The most perceptive Amazon shop reviews are chosen to represent Vine Voices through an invitation-only programme called Amazon Reviewer. Vine Voices have the exceptional chance to place free orders and share their product reviews with Amazon customers to assist them in making wise purchasing selections.

What is the work of an amazon reviewer?

Once signed up for Vine, Voices can make free home deliveries of items from any of the thousands of brands that sell in the Amazon store. After using the products, they write insightful reviews that reflect their true feelings about them, whether they be positive, neutral, or negative. Reviews of a product purchased through Vine show up with other reviews in the same place. For complete transparency, Amazon Vine reviews are differentiated by the specific badge “Vine Customer Review of Free Product.”

What does Amazon Vine mean?

The greatest Amazon reviewers are invited to test out products and leave reviews as part of the Amazon Vine programme. Customers who have posted positive product evaluations on Amazon and received high ratings from other users may be invited to the programme. Participants in the programme receive free goods to review.

Only those who have been invited by Amazon to join the Amazon Vine programme are eligible to become reviewers on the platform. You are more likely to receive an invitation if other Amazon customers frequently rate your reviews as helpful.

Steps to learn how to become a reviewer for Amazon 

Contrary to popular belief, it is simple to become an Amazon reviewer. The following five steps will help you begin reviewing Amazon products.

1. Create an Amazon account

You should first create a free Amazon account. You may access the Amazon marketplace to make purchases thanks to your Amazon profile. You’ll thereafter be able to give Amazon products reviews! (Tip: Get Amazon Prime)

Although it’s not necessary to have Amazon Prime to purchase there, but the paid membership has many benefits:

  • Special member discounts
  • Free delivery on the same day, one day, and two days
  • Free delivery of groceries (available in select areas)
  • Day Delivery by Amazon
  • Amazon prime Videos
  • Amazon Music
  • Prescription discounts are available at countless pharmacies

Price for an Amazon Prime subscription in 2022

$14.99 monthly

$139 annually

Membership in Prime Video is $8.99 per month.

The cost of an Amazon Prime Student subscription at the moment is as follows:

$7.49 monthly

$69 annually

A free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime is available.

2. Pick one category to concentrate on

To avoid becoming a master of none and a jack of all trades, choose a certain expertise to concentrate on.

It is recommended to choose one specific specialist category to concentrate on as an Amazon reviewer. Instead of rating Amazon products across all categories, you can do this to really get to know a certain topic.

It’s beneficial because:

  • You will speak in the dialect used in the field.
  • Instead of being referred to as an amateur reviewer, you will be called a professional.

Think about deciding on a category to review products for based on your passions or interests. You can also choose a category with greater commission rates. You can decide.

3. Evaluate your most recent and prior purchases

Begin evaluating items. Reviewing your own recent and previous purchases should be the first step.

Review your prior purchases even if they don’t fall under the same heading. You can practise till you’re an expert. This is a helpful first step in feeling at ease while reviewing Amazon products. It is then preferable to concentrate on one category going ahead for your Amazon reviews.

4. Develop as an Amazon influencer

Influencers who produce content centered around Amazon products are eligible for the Amazon Influencer Program. You must be a member of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube in order to participate.

Sharing Amazon products with your current social media audience is the idea. Additionally, it is a means of making money by using Amazon affiliate marketing.

Influencers on Amazon aren’t required to write solely favorable evaluations. You are free to express your genuine opinion and offer a dispassionate assessment of any Amazon products you choose to include in your article.

Leverage tik tok as a source of Amazon influencers

Here are a few instances of TikTok influencers endorsing Amazon products:

Using TikTok, they create brief video evaluations of things they locate on Amazon. They then include a link in their bio to their Amazon store.

You can stock a huge variety of Amazon affiliate products in your Amazon store. It’s a fantastic way to collect all of your Amazon favorites in one place.

Customers can click the influencer’s bio when they watch the TikTok videos. The link will take customers to the Amazon store where they may make purchases.

For creators, Amazon may be highly profitable.

Creators may reach their audience and profit by giving an honest review.

Artists earning up to $1,500 per month from TikTok and Amazon Associates. However, I believe the earning potential might be much larger given the fame and viewership of influencers, which are both expanding.

Use YouTube to affect Amazon sales

The method with YouTube is very similar to the one with TikTok. Both short- and long-form videos are possible. You’ll post them online and advertise Amazon products in the caption of the video.

YouTube is available to everyone with an internet connection.

Why mention things from Amazon on YouTube?

  • Free and simple
  • There are no upfront charges to create a YouTube channel

You may screencast your computer screen using free software or record videos using your phone. Therefore, you won’t require starting cash to get going.

You’ll upload your videos to the site once you’ve created them.

The best place to include pertinent Amazon links is in the video description.

One of the affiliate networks you can advertise on YouTube is Amazon.

Many affiliate programmes are open to you. Making money with affiliate marketing is easy when you use video content. You can advertise both tangible and digital goods, software, and other things.

5. Visit an Amazon review website

You can sign up for any of the several Amazon review websites available online to receive free or significantly reduced Amazon merchandise.

These websites are designed to assist Amazon sellers in obtaining reviews for their goods. Among other things, customer reviews are what distinguish Amazon from rivals.

(For Amazon merchants, a customer review is extremely valuable)

Experienced vendors and new Amazon sellers compete for customers.

A new seller with no reviews will find it more difficult to compete with an established seller who has reviews.

Online Amazon reviews can help with that.

They link Amazon vendors and customers looking for free and inexpensive Amazon products.

How to sign up for Amazon reviews

The procedures to sign up for Amazon review sites are as follows:

1. Sign up without cost.

2. Select your merchandise

3. Pay and wait for delivery

While some websites promote reviews, others demand them.

In any case, it’s a creative approach to:

  • Get Amazon goods for free
  • Receive things from Amazon at steep discounts

How many reviews are required for Amazon reviewers to be considered?

There is no requirement for how many reviews you must have to be an Amazon reviewer.

Anyone may write reviews on Amazon

Influencers on Amazon should be active on these social networks

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tik-Tok
  • You tube

A market to whom they can sell Amazon products should exist for Amazon Associates. Thus, becoming an Amazon Associate could result in income if you have a social media presence on Instagram.

Public access is available to Amazon review websites. No particular qualifications are necessary to take part.

Helpful tips

Be truthful and original.

Only genuine and original reviews are encouraged by the how to become a reviewer programme run by Amazon Vine. In actuality, authentic and unique reviews help consumers choose the greatest product. A good critic uses straightforward language without overusing it. Readers of the reviews must comprehend what has been said and be able to connect it to how the product is used. Users can decide on a product by reading frank product reviews. Simply because a thing didn’t arrive on time, a good reviewer won’t give it a bad rating.

Being the original and top reviewer

The idea that shoppers just read the first reviews is untrue. As a reviewer, you might want to write about the product as soon as it is released, but you also have a duty to give an honest assessment. Do not rush to publish your evaluations; instead, make sure they are of a caliber that will catch consumers’ attention. Users read reviews of excellent quality.

Concentrate on spelling and grammar

Grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and language all need to be taken seriously if you want to learn how to review. There are very few people that are dedicated to writing without any grammatical or spelling issues. To eliminate the most frequent errors, use grammar and spell checking software.

  • In order to assist the clients, the reviewer must also be consistent, offer high definition photographs, and include video reviews and manuals.
Average payment

In the US, the average yearly salary for a Work From Home Amazon Product Review is $68,042. In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $32.71 per hour. This amounts to $5,670 per month or $1,308 per week and it’s variable.


How can I post a review of a product on Amazon?

Visit the item’s product detail page. You can also go to Your Orders if you’ve already ordered the item.

  • In the Customer Reviews area, click Write a product review.
  • Decide on a rating in stars.
  • (Optional) Click “Submit” after adding text, images, or videos.
Does Amazon have a review cap?

The number of reviews that customers can submit on the online marketplace Amazon is restricted. Only five reviews of things not purchased through the online store may now be written per week in an effort to stop the posting of fraudulent feedback.

What is the good word count for reviews on Amazon?

Not too long nor too short: Written reviews are restricted to 5,000 words and must contain at least 20 words. It should be between 75 and 500 words. While video reviews can only be 10 minutes long, we advise keeping them between 2 and 5 minutes to keep viewers interested.

How many reviews does Amazon have?

One to two percent of reviews on Amazon are average. That means you can anticipate 1-2 reviews for every 100 transactions. Aim for a review rate of 5%, or one review for every 20 sales. Given that the majority of Amazon sellers don’t have a method for obtaining reviews, this is much simpler than you might assume.

Who writes reviews on Amazon?

To assist other consumers in making educated buying decisions, Amazon Vine invites the most reliable reviewers on Amazon to offer their thoughts on various products. Customers are invited to join Vine Voices by Amazon based on the insightful reviews they have written about previous purchases and the value of those reviews.