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How To Create A Spotify Artist Account & Become An Artist On Spotify

How To Create A Spotify Artist Account & Become An Artist On Spotify

Once you know the proper procedures to take, creating an official Spotify artist account is really simple to do. I’ll explain how to create a Spotify artist profile in this article.

You must already have music on Spotify in order to sign up for a Spotify artist account. You can then claim your artist profile through your music distributor or directly through the Spotify For Artists claim page.

The first step in opening a Spotify artist account is to upload your songs to the service.

There are two ways to claim your Spotify artist profile after that. Which are:

via the music distributor

manually claiming your Spotify account

Read on to find out how to use both techniques to claim your artist profile and which is the quickest and simplest.

How to Create a Spotify Artist Account

You may create your own official Spotify artist account by following just 3 simple steps.

  1. Utilize a music distributor to submit your songs to Spotify.
  2. Wait for Spotify to “ingest” your music
  3. Use one of the ways given below to claim your Spotify artist profile.

You can move forward to Step 3 if you already have music available on Spotify.

Don’t panic if this is something you have never done before; uploading to Spotify as an artist is really simple.

Step 1: Establishing Contact With A Music Distributor

Getting your music live on Spotify and other streaming platforms is now very simple (and affordable) thanks to new music distribution businesses like DistroKid.

You must register with one of Spotify’s recommended music distributors and submit your music, artwork, and artist information through that distributor in order to publish to Spotify as an artist.

You may read our extensive DistroKid review to learn more about this product, which we personally use and highly recommend.

DK, in our opinion, is a game-changer since they let you upload an infinite number of songs for a modest monthly cost as opposed to charging for each release.

Step 2: Send Your Music in

The next step is to utilize your selected music distributor to send your music to Spotify now that you’ve determined which one is best for you.

No matter which distributor you select, there is often a straightforward digital form where you can:

  • Fill out your song’s details
  • Upload your music
  • Upload your artwork
  • Select which streaming services and stores you would like your music to appear.

The average time it takes for Spotify to “ingest” your music and make it visible in the Spotify backend is 3 to 4 days.

NOTE: Before moving on to the following stage, make sure your music is currently playing on Spotify!

Step 3: Claim Your Profile

All you need to do is “claim” your Spotify artist profile once you have verified that your music is in fact live on the service.

There are two ways to accomplish this, as I previously stated:

  • via the music distributor
  • manually claiming your Spotify account

Using your music distributor is the quickest and simplest method to achieve this, which is why it’s crucial to choose one that’s on Spotify’s list of recommended distributors.

But We’ll walk you through each approach. 

Method 1: A music retailer

I would without a doubt suggest this approach because it is the simplest way to claim your Spotify artist profile.

Who of the distributors offers immediate access?

Spotify compiled a list of recommended music retailers who can provide you with immediate access. These are the top names on the list:

  • Tunecore
  • CD Baby,
  •  DistroKid

How to proceed

It’s simple to gain immediate access to your music distributors’ backend after you’ve used one of them to upload your music to Spotify.

Most of the time, all it takes is a few button clicks.

Method 2:Manually on Spotify

The second way to set up a Spotify artist profile is to personally claim your account on the service.

This approach, however, isn’t advised because it demands more time and effort from you.

How to proceed

Simply visit to start the process of claiming a Spotify artist profile. Just be sure you have songs available on Spotify or to have just just uploaded your debut release.

It truly is simply a simple matter of following the directions provided to you on that page after visiting the Spotify Claim Page mentioned above.

What Advantages Do Spotify Artist Profiles Offer?

Making your project appear more official is only one of many fantastic reasons why you should claim your Spotify artist profile!

With a Spotify artist account, you can:

  • Update your profile’s image, bio, and social media connections.
  • Pick one of the “Artist Picks” (a song, album, or playlist that shows up at the top)
  • Access improved analytics and statistics through the Spotify For Artists interface.
  • Pick one of the “Fundraising Picks” (a charity or straight-to-artist donation option)TT
  • The capacity to approach Spotify editors to submit your songs for money-making editorial playlists

In addition, you will have access to new tools like Spotify Canvas as well as a blue confirmed checkmark next to your artist name.

How to Make the Most of Your Artist Account on Spotify?

Because Spotify offers so many various opportunities for artists to increase their streams and begin experiencing success in the streaming industry, it is fantastic.

The Spotify artist account is fantastic since it enables you to explore your data in great detail and access some additional services.

You have the opportunity to pitch your songs to Spotify editors, which is a significant function.

You may already be aware that editorial playlists are the pinnacle of playlist placement, but did you know that Spotify also provides additional playlist categories and that there is a method to begin to catch the editor’s attention?

An increasing number of Spotify’s algorithmic playlists are also available, and joining one of them will greatly improve the amount of streams you see.

Things To Know About Artist Accounts On Spotify

The following additional information regarding Spotify accounts may be helpful to you:

  • To open a Spotify Artist Account, you don’t require a free or paid Spotify Listener Account.
  • The Spotify listener accounts and the Spotify artist accounts are distinct.
  • The artist profile is the only place where the blue confirmed checkmark will appear (nothing changes on your listener account)
  • Playlist creation is not possible with the Spotify artist account (you need to make them with a listener account and then add it to your profile via the Spotify For Artists dashboard)
  • Not all artist accounts are identical (some distributors may get access to new features early for example)
  • The Spotify For Artist dashboard is the sole way to pitch Spotify editors.
  • You may contact Spotify customer care through the Spotify For Artists dashboard and request an upgrade to your listener account so you can include links in the description of your playlists.


How do I create a spotify artist profile?

It’s simple to build an artist profile on Spotify if you were wondering how to do it. Create a TuneCore account to get your songs on Spotify and begin going. Next, go to your TuneCore dashboard and claim and confirm your Spotify for Artists profile. You’ll be able to change your bio, add photographs, add singles to playlists, promote tracks, and more after your music has been posted to Spotify.

What does spotify cost artists?

Claiming your Spotify for Artists page is free after you’ve used TuneCore to upload your tracks to Spotify. Personalizing your Spotify for Artists profile is free, and TuneCore will assist you claim and authenticate your account so you can have immediate access.

How long does it take for Spotify to confirm that you are an artist?

It may take up to two weeks for Spotify to completely establish your profile once your release becomes live on the service. To authenticate your artist page, your release must be properly processed and recognised in their system.

Anyone may create music on Spotify?

It’s no longer necessary to wait till you have 250 followers before you can even submit an application for verification. The only need left is that you have access to Spotify for Artists.

Are Spotify musicians compensated?

Contrary to popular belief, Spotify does not pay artist royalties based on the number of plays or streams a song receives; instead, the amount of royalties that an artist receives may depend on the many ways their music is played or the contracts they have with labels or distributors.

How much money is one million Spotify plays worth?

For one million Spotify views, an artist may anticipate to get between $1,000 and $8,000, however it’s more probable that they will make approximately  $4,000.