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What is a Storyboard

Learn How to become a Storyboard artist?

What is a storyboard?

  • Storyboarding is an artistic way of visual communication. Storyboard brings words to life and is encapsulated in such a way that tends to create an imagination in viewers mind that words alone can’t justify.  
  • Storyboarding is a digital tool to showcase a story in a powerful and impactful manner. By visual elements like images, characters etc you can emotionally and artistically communicate with the audiences as they could have a great learning experience from your art. 
  • Even without being an artist you can create storyboards. A storyboard can be easily created using images, texts, characters, templates and even many other ways are available to create impactful storyboarding.   

Types of storyboard?

Storyboards are of many types such as – Digital storyboard, Traditional storyboard, Thumbnail storyboard. Mainly focused on traditional and thumbnails.

Talking about all in details :

  • Traditional storyboards – These are the conceptual pencil sketches which are hand drawn and the most traditional form of storyboarding, that provides an idea to write about the visuals after which the final filming is proceed. This type of storyboarding is mainly used in animations,T.V and movies that allows necessary changes to be made in case something is improper.
  • Thumbnail storyboard –  These storyboards are the first steps of the storyboarding for a scene also known as quick sketches and are not bigger than your thumbnail that’s why these are called thumbnail storyboarding. Most are tiny stick finger drawings or small images and sketches serving as a guide for a large image.
  • Digital storyboard – These are storyboards that are created using digital softwares. The images are also created with the help of softwares. In simple words these are the Traditional storyboard of pencil and paper that is scanned digitally in a software. 

Need for storyboarding 

Normally when you are creating a digital work for example – movies, animations, videos you need a roadmap to work with and storyboarding is the graphic representation  for creating such digital tasks so that they can be easily performed with less working cost being included. It is a pre vision being created to define future planning.  When someone is attempting to create a video, he is creating a production plan that includes all of the shots that will be required. This also eliminates the need for multiple revisions, saving time and money. It may take some time to create a storyboard, but in the end you will realize how useful it is to have a predefined roadmap because it does not include all of the details but is essentially a rough sheet for creating a video.

Which information should a storyboard contain?

Storyboards consist of illustrations or images displayed in sequences for the pre-visualization of a motion picture, animation and interactive media sequences. Mainly when an animation, movie or cartoons are made they require a rough data and pre preparation of words and drawings that concludes the final making of such programs. It has information from simple stick figures to detailed sketches, the quality or content of each panel is really a secondary concern as long as it serves the interest of the makers. Here’s a storyboard example from the Coen Bros, their first film, BLOOD SAMPLE. For their first movie they are relayed on storyboarding, like everything else they do, is completely unique to them. Another example can be of storyboarding can be of the film BLADE RUNNER and ALIEN, it is clear that storyboarding helped them craft intricate and layered imagery. 

Key elements that are essential in storyboarding?

  • Shot and scene in your storyboarding is an essential element every scene should be given a tile and every scene should also be numbered.
  • Panel is one of the most important elements as it includes the aspect of ratios through which the production is being filmed. 
  • Sequence in a storyboarding concludes multiple shots that will be shot at the same time and at the same location. It compromises the scene.
  • Description is basically a caption that each panel has which defines where the storyboard artist or director acn include more details about what is happening. 
  • Camera movement is an element of storyboarding as camera directions are a part of panels, designing shots as close-up, wide shots, etc. camera directions includes which way the camera direction is supposed to move and at what position it should be kept.

Importance of storyboarding

A roadmap is needed for the creation of any type of video, including animation, motion pictures, television, etc. This roadmap in videos is known as storyboarding. Storyboarding, to put it simply, is a script that uses visual aids to direct you through the production process. It involves planning what will be created, how it will be created, and what all the requirements are that must be met. By doing this, the production process can be improved with even minor adjustments. Having a rough data sheet of your work will improve the working process and make your project appear more elegant and impressive in comparison to what you created. All of these sheets and scripts are necessary to achieve the desired result, so we can now say that storyboarding is an important component of the production process.

How to create a storyboard?

To create a storyboard you should know the following steps:

  • Step 1: You are supposed to create a storyboard template online using storyboarding software or if you are not interested in creating it online, it’s ok you can create it with a traditional method of pencil and paper.
  • Step 2: The next step is to draw a rough storyboard, you are supposed to keep it simple and give visual details to it. 
  • Step 3: Next step is editing, edit your storyboarding as per the requirements of production filming process or video creation process. Such as, time for the day of a scene, lightning and layering. 
  • Step 4: You must be aware about the camera movements for shots such as zoom in and zoom outs. Which is important as a single mistake is enough to ruin your video. 

What is storyboard in UX?

  • First let’s talk about UX – UX or user experience device is the process of defining the experience a user would go through when interacting with a company, its services, and its products. Design decisions in UX designs are often done with the help of researchers.
  • To create a proper design, UX designers use a lot of different research techniques, such as inquiries, interviews and workshops. As their work is to summarize the research findings into users stories and communicate their thinking with the team. In order to create a good product, designers must understand the user’s point of view and their world and understand what’s going on in their world and how their product can make the user’s life better. And after all this, that’s where storyboards come in.
  • In UX, a storyboard is a visual representation of a user’s interaction with the product. It represents a product that is similar to a film in terms of how people utilize it. As we know, storyboards are an excellent tool of generating ideas.we use storyboarding in UX design to form the users journey and the character.

How to create a storyboard UX?

UX storyboard is a slightly overlooked design technique. For creating a good UX storyboard the following steps are there:

  1. Get some idea – Just like how you start a new work idea is required the same is in storyboarding UX you need real life data that form the base of storyboarding. And by research you can get this data.  
  2. Pick a flow to focus – Don’t just work on a single story but work on many new ideas at the same time to make your idea more creative and your designs more attractive. Use real life cases for detailed study and research. 
  1. Note down the steps and outlines – Note down every step and event of users life that seems important for creation of basic work. Strat working on these basic parts   of the stories. Flow the main character, scene, plot steps for more accuracy. 
  1. Add emotions and details – for better communication with the team and audience try to make your content more detailed and make sure it is created in such a way that it is  filled with emotions, which will help you to build a good storyboarding.
  1. Create the storyboard – After collecting all the data and information start working on your storyboard and try to make a rough data at first for no future mistakes and recheck it again and again. Create them on a separate page. This also allows easy changes throughout the process.

What is storyboarding in animation?

A storyboard is the key element of animation and filming. No animation and movie can be created without storyboarding as it is the roadmap for filming any type of movie and anime. Storyboard is essentially a series of sketches that map the key events of narrative, presented chronologically. And is thus a bridge between the overall design and the finished animation. Each sketch in storyboarding represents a particular scene that is supposed to be filmed. Detailed study and continuous analysis makes it perfect, after which they are combined together to film an animation. This is how storyboarding helps to create an animation or movie. 

 How to create storyboarding animation?

It requires a lot of time to sketch all the storyboards and create an animation. The following are the steps that are essential and are required to follow to create a storyboard animation: 

  1. Frame – A rectangular box in which the storyboard artist is supposed to sketch the shots. Which means what a viewer can see from that angle is the rough sketch. 
  1. Dialogue notes – Notes of any dialogue that will appear in the frame is supposed to be there in the sketch.not full dialogs but a quick summary of such. 
  1. Action notes – Notes of any action that occurs in animation such as crashing cars, fighting etc. It is supposed to have all the listed characters actions.  
  1. Camera shots – The intended camera shots are also a key element that a storyboard artist should keep in mind while creating a storyboard.

What is storyboard in business? 

In business, storyboarding means project planning, that helps teams identify and illustrate the various steps needed to complete a given project at a given point of time. It provides a guide to tasks that the workers have to follow throughout the working process of an operation. In simple words, businesses have day to day operations and to complete those operations they need a strategy that is planning and these plans are formed using the storyboard as a roadmap or view of what to do or what is the estimated future target that is supposed to be achieved. In order to achieve those targets, a plan is made by a view or roadmap.  

What is storyboarding in films?

In films storyboarding is a graphical representation of how a video is created or shot. It is made up of a number of squares, pictures that are representing each shot, which notes what is going on in the scene and what will be said in the script during the filming. It is the same as animations but not exactly animation storyboarding, think of it as a script of a movie rather than imagining sketches and pencil drawings. 

What is storyboarding in instructional design?  

A storyboard tells the story of your training course. It’s a document, slide deck, or prototype in which the instructional design or training developer lays out the framework for the eLearning courses that they plan to create. Instructional design storyboarding is the process of mapping out the core element of a course, webinar or lecture in a process outlined by a specific instruction design model. They are framework design models by the psychologists and educational researchers that organize “creating instructions” into a streamlined process that follows research based practices. 

What is storyboarding in project management?

Storyboarding is a useful project planning tool that illustrates the steps involved in the project. Storyboarding provides a detailed outline of everything that happens or occurs in each step, and a combination of different storyboards provide a detailed outline of the process. It usually highlights missing tasks and helps in the compilation of such. This allows the project team to make changes and rearrange tasks as needed before the project advances to the executive phase. Making these changes provide much scope for applying creativity. Such an approach allows storyboards to transform the usually dry and boring process of planning to an interactive and fun experience.

What is storyboarding in powerpoint?

A storyboarding in Powerpoint is a chart that shows a sequence of content. It typically contains a series of images, illustrations, drawings, screenshots,or other visual graphics with captions for each. It provides guidance to the writers, designers, artists, developers, to create ideas, organize thoughts and arrange events.presenting a powerpoint storyboarding can be a great way to make a story or idea a supervision. It shows your detailed plans for displaying content in a project.  

What is storyboarding in design thinking?

Storyboarding is a visual representation of the user’s journey that doesn’t correlate to the product’s user interface, which will later be designed based on the journey depicted based on the journey depicted in the storyboard. This is a critical part of design thinking. These are a critical part of the designs mapping and making process. Before the actual product is made, first it is framed in rough data to reach the target goal of the product then the final procedure of a product’s design starts. Storyboarding is most commonly used during the discovery phase or for the mapping of a design phase, for a new product to help align stakeholders around user outcomes. But can also be used in developing an existing product to help align stakeholders. A company usually storyboard annually, during its audit or whatever they’re considering adding a big new feature to the product’s roadmap.    

What is storyboarding in agile? 

A storyboarding is a graphical organizer that provides the viewer with a high-level view of the project. In Agile software Development, storyboarding can help developers so that they can get a quick sense of what work still needs to be completed. As long as the team keeps the storyboard up to date, anyone can see what work has been completed and what is yet to be completed. This not only provides product owners with transparency, it also helps the team to visualize the working sequences of the users stories. Storyboarding can be physical or digital. Means, pen and paper storyboarding and digital software storyboarding. 

What is storyboarding in consulting?

For consultancies, storyboarding is the technique of creating an outline of what you want your final work product to look like, and the structure, flow, and key messages that contain the questionnaire and also the worksheets of work formations. It is done at the beginning stage of a project to organize thoughts and build a common understanding within the consulting team of the objective the team is focusing on. It is not just consulting but any profession that tells a story usually starts with storyboarding, such as movie making, book writing, or journalism. 

What is the fastest way to make a storyboard?

There are the following ways which shows how you can make a storyboard as fast as possible:  

  1.  Don’t make sketches. Draw Thumbnail – In order to make a storyboard fast don’t make sketches but it is more relevant to use Thumbnails as it saves you more time and makes the entire process easy. 
  1. Use Emotionality Rule – For creating an effective and attentive storyboard they use emotionality rule as much as possible as it helps to feel the characters and draw viewers attention toward the characters story.
  1. Shoot your shots more than sketching – Even if you are not directly involved in the process of shooting itself and only have the task of drawing the story, you should still have a simple basic understanding of the video designing process to make your storyboarding process fast.
  1. Follow the rules of quick drawing – Draw with your whole arm, Draw simple lines, Use shapes, Don’t waste time turning the sheets or screen.  
  1. Learn to create stories – Once you learn to create stories it automatically decreases your tension and makes the entire process as easy and faster as possible as storyboarding is done through the creation of many stories. 
  1. One frame – It means that, don’t create anything that requires time more than 5 minutes as anything longer than 5 minutes is no longer a quick sketch, which is rarely  necessary for the first stage of storyboarding.

How to storyboard even if you can’t draw?  

If you can’t draw your storyboard, it’s ok there’s nothing to get worried about. You could try photographing them. Frame up how you want each shot to look, position your actors or stand-ins, then start snapping pictures.  Once you have photos, be sure to label them with all of the application information such as shot description, aspect ratios, indicators for motion, or sequence numbers. 

How to create video with your sketches ?

In today’s technical era it is very easy to create a video using type sketches. There are many apps available online that can help you film your sketches such as: 

  •  VEED 
  • MIVI
  • V2ART

How many pages should a storyboard be? 

Each panel in your storyboard represents an individual scene. That means you’re going to have a lot of panels. To maximize clarity, use a grid system and 6-9 panels per page. This will ensure you have enough room to communicate your idea without getting too granular. Size of a storyboard also depends upon the type of content that you are preparing for. Its panels and drafts are fully dependent on your subject. 

Must I storyboard every shot? 

 Yes, it is a must to shoot every storyboard that shows the storyline of your characters. If not so then you will not be able to create an effective video and your whole efforts will be wasted. Instead of wasting your efforts, put more effort and invest more time in filming each shot, to get a complete production outcome. If you can miss any of the storyboard sketches then it might affect the whole production design.